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3 November, 2012 (12:02) | busty carmella | No comments

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CARMELLA FUCKING BING!! Is all I really have to say, but Ill give you a few details, its amazing, massive tits bouncing and jiggling everywhere what more can you expect from this chick. She sucks and fucks like if she was born for porn. Watching her nearly made me blow my load, hopefully you have a little bit more composure. Make watching this the first thing you do all day.

The anal exam of Carmella Bing

29 October, 2012 (17:13) | busty carmella | No comments

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Let me tell you about the weirdest day at school ever. I was late to my trig class, i had just barley made it past the door when our teacher mrs. Carmella started issuing out our final exams. But right before she could get the test started she had trouble turning on the overhead projector. She told us to get started and that she would go and get the janitor to come fix the broken machine. It was a hard test as you can imagine, but things took a turn for the weird when the janitor walked into the classroom. Suddenly Mrs. Carmella started grabbing his ass while he was fixing the projector. She said it was the heat that was making her behave oddly, but the room was cold and you could hear the hum of the a/c coming from the vents above. Then, just as suddenly as she pulled the last stunt she grabs the janitors jumpsuit and pulls him toward her, unzips him and pulls out his cock. She just began to tug at it as if we didn't exist and then she began to suck his cock! At that moment i didnt know whether i should finish my exam or watch, maybe pull it out myself and jump in. But that was out of the question, some of the other students were placing bets on whether or not she would go anal. We didn't get to cash in on that bet though because right when things were getting real hot ....

Can He Fuck Her?

29 October, 2012 (17:06) | busty carmella | No comments

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This week on Can He Score we have the very beautiful Carmella Bing here. She wanted to hook up with someone hot and we told that we'd find the right dude for her! Ely he works at a restaurant. He's probably a busser or a dishwasher, because that guy has a smile that looks like it got hit by a Mack truck and fixed a blind, deaf monkey with only two working fingers. I mean seriously! It's busted! Obama can't get healthcare going fast enough to save this guys ugly grill. Luckily for him, that doesn't phase Carmella. She just wants to know if her date has a big cock - if he does, she's satisfied! So let's see how these two do together...does this guy have what it takes to finish the job or will he just be pulling teeth....Can He Score?!

Carmella Bing and Her Sexy Feet

29 October, 2012 (17:02) | busty carmella | No comments

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The beautiful and sexy Carmella Bing! She is just too hot to be shot. So I took her to my apartment and enjoyed her magical feet. She is just too sexy; she loves to use those feet to satisfy a man. This big mama knows how to give a foot job. She started jerking off the stud with her feet, and then She used her enormous tits to make him feel more and more horny. Then she started doing the foot job doggy style, and the stud couldn't resist so he came. Carmella was satisfied, but she is going to leave you asking for more

Big Tits and Gentle Hands

29 October, 2012 (15:32) | busty carmella | No comments

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The lovely Carmella Bing is in control of the shaft this week. She knows how to keep the cock wet with a lot of spit. Sensual as hell, she licks the cock gives it a little suck, but not too much, just enough to tease. Tugging the cock makes her horny. I guess the feeling of a cock in her hand is what she lives for. Besides that, she likes to smack the cock on her pussy when her legs are open wide. She wanted to fuck Joey, but he had to do with getting his dick stoked by a hot porn star with big tits and gentle hands.

Carmella Bing Brings a Friend

29 October, 2012 (15:22) | busty carmella | No comments

Let me tell you guys something! I can not ever get enough of Carmella, and guess what we have for you this week! Yes, you guessed it right, she is back! Carmella Bing along with her huge ass fucking tits, that all of you are dying to see bounce around in front of my camera! Not only did she bring her amazing tits, but she brought along her friend Cassandra, who also has a huge pair of tits. These girls have hot bodies, warm pussies, and beautiful faces. The chemistry with these two, was undeniable! They loved playing with each other's tits, and they also brought along a little friend, a two headed dildo which was used to fuck both of them at the same time. Apparently they love playing with each other's pussies too. It definitely gets better, they even have a little "eating out session"... These girls had me sweating, and they'll have you sweating also! So in the words of Carmella "real big tit action going on around here".. and she was not lying! There was all kinds of action! Later fellas, I know you will definiteky enjoy this one!!
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Carmella Bing cumshot

19 February, 2011 (21:18) | pornstar carmella bing | No comments

Hot Carmella Bing teases as she shows off her incredible body wrapped in some sexy lingerie. Carmella knows exactly what to do when the cock comes out as she wraps her luscious full lips around it and milks it all in her mouth! Gain access to great Carmella Bing videos!

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Carmella Bing bends over

9 February, 2011 (05:41) | busty carmella | No comments

Carmella Bing remains one of the best models around right now. She's always up for fun and has the hottest round tits in the biz. Not only that but her puffy nipples are often tough to beat. Join her for some hot masturbation as she spreads those beautiful legs wide open and that pink taco smiles for the camera.

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POV Carmella Bing

14 January, 2011 (04:36) | carmella bing blowjob | No comments

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Carmella is just about to head out with some girlfriends for a few drinks. She looks stunning as usual and asks her boyfriend what he thinks of her outfit. He takes one look and nearly blows his load right there. After reminding her that she's his girl, he rips off her clothes and really let's her know who's boss. This one is hot guys, enjoy! Continue here for the best Carmella Bing movies...

Carmella Bing bikini

7 January, 2011 (22:23) | carmella bing nude | No comments

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It's Sunday afternoon and Carmella is trying to kill some time before heading out on the town later that evening. What better way to pass the time then having a world class orgasm? She wastes no time and jumps straight into working her pussy up slowly. Making sure it's nice and juicy before inserting a rambunctious vibrator. Carmella comes through huge in this one! Download exclusive Carmella Bing movies.

Pornstar gets all warm and masturbates

27 December, 2010 (00:25) | carmella bing nude | No comments

Carmella is one of famous pornstars and today you're going to see her in action. This girl is so hot, she looks exactly like those sexy club girls you often see downtown. The only difference is that this girl will make your every fantasy come to life. She spreads her sexy legs wide open and shows off her gorgeous pussy. Then works it up until it's so juicy. This is a must have for any porn collection!

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Cum covered tits

15 December, 2010 (13:30) | bing carmella fucking | No comments

This famous pornstar is simply gorgeous and we got her to shoot this hardcore movie. She was a bit worried about her stud's big cock but once her tight pussy stretched out, she loved it! Watch her taking big hard cock deep inside her holes and creaming her big bouncing tits!

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Busty plays with dildo

5 December, 2010 (16:00) | pornstar carmella bing | No comments

Carmella is a strong favorite here and she's about to gain a few more fans after this video. This girl is just plain gorgeous and when that camera turns on, she does too. In this hot solo shoot, you'll see her strip down out of her sexy lingerie. Then climb onto the bed and really get things going. This girl would be sexy if she were just standing around in a paper bag, so you can imagine what her finger fucking herself looks like. Tune in now!

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Pornstar takes a shower and gets all wet

20 November, 2010 (01:57) | busty carmella | No comments

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Carmella just woke up from a great nights sleep. She was out late partying, so she needed to catch up on her beauty sleep. It was a great night and she came so close to getting laid, but just couldn't close the deal. This left her feeling really horny, so she's just going to do the job herself. She does an insane job at working her beautiful pussy into a hot, juicy state. This girl is just so sexy, we love her. Gain access to hardcore Carmella Bing adventures!

Carmella Bing spreads legs

12 November, 2010 (14:29) | pornstar carmella bing | No comments

This chick is only getting hotter with age and more perverted too! She'll have you going banana's during this sexy solo video. Watch her play with her gorgeous tits and then get her pussy so hot that she goes crazy! Carmella is quickly becoming one of our favorite models, this video is a clear indication of why. See uncensored Carmella Bing's action now!!

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